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2.5 Layer 8-Shed


Application Industry : Paper & Pulp Industry

Type : 8 shaft, 16 shaft


Without sacrificing drainage characteristic this fabric caters to increased demand of higher fabric and filler retention. This design provides higher fiber support index compared to double layer design. This is achieved by providing an extra support shoot (small cross direction yarn) on the topside of double layer construction. This reduces the distance between the two top yarns and provides better support to cellulosic fiber. This fabric is used for making fine quality paper. 16 shaft 2.5 layer provides higher abrasion and increases the running time.

Features :

  • High fiber support index
  • High internal void volume
  • Wear side is coarser and more open
  • Large wear side C.D. yarn

Benefits :

  • Excellent topside smoothness
  • Better sheet release / retention
  • Better drainability
  • Excellent sheet quality
  • Good wear potential