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3.5 Layer 8-Shed (Triple Weft)


Application Industry : Paper & Pulp Industry


The design of three layer of weft yarn, which are bound together by one set of warp yarn. The presence of three layer of weft yarn helps in achieving extremely high, almost 4-8 times higher, bending stiffness. The problem of waviness in the fabric under running tension of paper machine, which is the most common phenomenon in case of conventional fabric, can be avoided by using this design. It provides the least cross directional contraction and higher void volume offers optimum drainage. Hence load of the machine will be the minimum as compared to the conventional multi-layer fabric. This is most suitable for high-speed twin-wire and fourdrinier machine for wider newsprint and writing printing paper. These design are used for pulp sheeting machines also. The special feature of this design is that during the full course of running time the cross directional stability is maintained since the additional middle layer never experiences abrasion. This can be woven in either 8 sheds or 16 sheds with or without x-pick and can be supplied in mesh ranging from 62-54/cm.

Features :

  • High bending stiffness
  • Excellent sheet support and release
  • High void volume
  • Additional middle layer creates a balance between paper and running side.

Benefits :

  • Excellent drainage
  • Better retention / sheet release
  • Longer running time
  • Excellent dimensional stability up to fag end of its life.