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8-Shed Double Layer


Application Industry : Paper & Pulp Industry

Type : 8 shaft, 16 shaft


With increasing machine speeds and fabric widths, double layer has become an asset. 8 shaft double layer has one set of machine direction filament and two sets of cross direction strands stacked one over the other. This allows finer filament on top and usage of coarse bottom filament which helps to achieve better sheet properties with less wire marking, without sacrificing running time. This design is dimensionally more stable than single layer design.

Features :

  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High air permeability
  • Design allows to incorporate thicker weft filament without sacrificing stacking

Benefits :

  • Excellent life potential
  • Good drainage
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Powerful construction that withstands high M.D. loads and resists C.D. ridging