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This product is made with technical know-how from Sinclairs, USA.
  • ✤    Made of Phosphor Bronze & Stainless steel.
  • ✤    Open ended & Axle ended
  • ✤    Types: Plain woven or Plate laid (Chain laid)
  • ✤    Drive Type: Friction driven or driven with bearing on Drive side and Trunion on Tender Side or Bearings on both ends. Dandy Diameter: 300 to 2000mm

Plain Woven Dandy Roll

The Dandy Roll is with helically coiled rings with suitable guage, diagonally passing rods and flat bars for ease of grinding the body with suitable end castings.

Chain Laid Dandy Roll

This Dandy Roll is made from independently circled hollow type rings from 0.3 to 0.5mm caliper sheets as per the diameter of the roll with end casting. At a distance of approximately 0.3 mm from the periphery of the rings mini diameter holes from 0.45 to 0.7 mm are drilled and laid wires of 0.35 to 0.6 mm are passed through each and every ring and then soldered in position. The body rings are then evenly filed and polished to achieve uniform height. These Dandy rolls also are exclusively used for manufacture of Ledger or laid papers.


Modern Bracket System

Shalimar can supply Dandy Rolls of Diameter from 300mm to 1500mm and maximum Facelength of 4700mm.
  • ✤    Simple in design, easy to install, robust & compact
  • ✤    Air bellows to facilitate quick lifting and fine adjustment screw to measure & maintain dandy dipping.
  • ✤    Internals consist of pneumatic oscillating water shower, saveall tray and Steam shower.
  • ✤    Electro-mechanical actuator for oscillation of co-axial shower for improved reliability.
  • ✤    External splash guard.

Dandy Covers

The Dandy covers can be either mounted on the Dandy Roll or supplied as spares. The watermarks can also be supplied on spare covers to fix on the Dandy Roll at client’s site.
  • ✤   The covers are available in Phosphor Bronze and Stainless steel.
  • ✤    10mesh used as Bottom cover and 35mesh or 40mesh can be supplied in SS or PB.
  • ✤    The Watermarks as per the requirement can be fixed on 35mesh covers on the Dandy Roll at our plant.


Watermarks are impressions of desired design, logo left on the paper sheet by the embossed designs fixed on the dandy roll by displacing the fibers. Shalimar is pioneer to design watermarks customized as per the requirements of the customers