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This product is made with Technical Know-how from Sinclairs, USA.
  •    Stationery and Oscillating Shower options with or without brush cleaning.
  •    Constructed entirely from stainless steel for durability.
  •    Available in various sizes: 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”, 5” & 6” for different applications.
  •    Equipped with an online brush cleaning system for effective maintenance.
  •    Utilizes a pneumatic actuator with a double-acting self-reversal pneumatic cylinder.
  •    Optional control panel and variable speed for precise control and efficient cleaning.
  •    Features micro-travel actuation with very slow cross-travel speeds for accuracy.
  •    Can be equipped with a special reduction gearbox for specific requirements.
  •    Offers a choice of Needle Jet Nozzles or Fan Spray Nozzles for different spray patterns.


  •    Stainless steel wedge filters are manufactured in various volumetric flow rates from 200 to 1150 lpm.
  •    Filters can also be made with duplex construction and online back flushing.
  •    Facilitates easy cleaning of fines.
  •    Capable of withstanding high input pressures with zero possibility of collapse or bursting of element.
  •    Negligible pressure drop.
  •    Quick disconnects for easy element removal.



  •    Forming Fabric cleaning
  •    Press Felts cleaning
  •    Dandy Rolls
  •    Grooved Rolls


  •    Used for guiding fabrics, felts.
  •    Fabricated in stainless steel with control valve & guide palm.
  •    Available with or without manual override.