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A cardinal part of the Shalimar Wires is the strengthening our market position through customer-specific developments as well as the on-going development and feedback from our Technical Service Engineers. The Quality & Customer Service Department is comprehensively equipped with Modern Testing & analysis instruments for thorough investigation, understanding customer’s requirements and accordingly finding solution. In addition to development of advanced products, we are continuously working on product optimization to meet our customers’ demands for highest quality & performance.
Shalimar Wire’s Laboratory has,
  • ✤    Advanced Optical Microscope
  • ✤    Microscopic Image Analysis
  • ✤    Analysis System for Fabric Wear Profile
  • ✤    Monofilament Testing Equipment
  • ✤    3-D Microscope for Topographical Analysis
  • ✤    Air Permeability Testing

Customer Service

As believed and understood by every Papermaker that Paper Machine Clothing is the Heart of Paper Machine. Shalimar Wires offers a range of Technical services with a focus on optimization of available resources resulting in implementation of long-term improvements in the papermaking process.
The services include
  • ✤    Machine Technical Audit
  • ✤    Fiberscan Analysis
  • ✤    Troubleshooting
The watermarks can also be supplied on spare covers to fix on the Dandy Roll at client’s site.