Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is based at Uttarpara, Hooghly (Near Kolkata) in West Bengal, India spreading over total area of about 50,000 m2 to manufacture wide range of paper machine clothings i.e. forming Fabrics from single layer to advanced SSB (Shute Support Binder) designs, woven dryer screens (conventional Twin Plane H and advanced Twin Plane Mono), spirally-linked dryer screens of wide CFM ranges and stainless steel sieve mesh. Our modern in-house manufacturing facilities with advanced warping machines & weaving machines from JAGER Germany and TEXO Sweden, auto-Seaming machines from WIS Austria and Heat-Setting Table from AG Gunderson with software from Nebb Norway with modern laboratory testing ensure high product quality standards. Our manufacturing technology ensures efficient and time saving method of manufacturing to meet customer requirement on shorter lead time. Recently, we have done technological expansion and installed two Latest & Brand New Weaving Looms – BK 860 from JAGER Germany which is world’s fastest PMC weaving loom exclusively to manufacture multi-layer and advanced SSB Fabrics and Texo – 6000 (Hybrid Loom) from TEXO Sweden to manufacture new range of woven dryer screens along with advanced auto-Seaming machine SEMANTIC PSS5 from WIS Austria. We have also installed a Brand new & advanced Heat Setting Table from AG Gunderson with software system from Nebb Norway which can provide heat treatment from both top & bottom Side and will be used depending on the product applications, process parameters.

Jager’s rapier weaving loom BK860 is a follow-up model to the BK800 used by most of the major manufacturers of paper machine clothings. It has following unique features,
  • ✤   Band rapier weaving machine with highest accuracy of counts.
  • ✤   Fast weaving speeds, strong beating, uniform warping tension, even fabric surface.
  • ✤   Mainly used for production of advanced multi-layer & SSB range of forming fabrics.
  • ✤   Weaving width of up to 11.00 meters. The width range can meet all requirements of different applications.

TMR is an extra heavy high-speed hybrid loom developed specifically for the production of most advanced dryer fabric
In addition to process advantages of reduction in production time, energy consumption, reduced environmental load, this Heat Setting Table offers controlled uniform & even heat treatment along the length & across the width of the fabrics. In the conventional system the heating is done from top side with a reflector on the bottom side. Here in this system, the hot air is circulated on both side of the fabric to have uniform crystallization effect on the yarn. This ensures that, top & bottom side yarns have been subjected to same temperature during the process. The uniform temperature on both sides will have reliable & repetitive quality parameters on the fabric. Thus the Dimensional Stability of the fabric will be further enhanced and consistent. The total heating operation including MD stretch & CD shrinkage is fully controlled by ARS (Auto Recipe system) developed by AG Gunderson with software system by Nebb, Norway.

Auto-Seaming Machine SEMANTIC PSS5 from WIS Austria

The SEMANTIC PSS5 automates the tedious and time consuming operation of making a seam. The PSS5 is a new development in the field of dryer fabric seaming based on the experience of the well proven PSS4 machine which was in operation for past 10 years. Shaimar Wires is the first company in all of Asia to have this state-of-the-art auto seaming Machine


  • ✤   Good seam structure
  • ✤   Consistent & faultless seam
  • ✤   No seam mark
  • ✤   Perfect seam for machines running at increasingly high speeds

Spiral Making Machine from Leo Feinwerktechnik, Germany

Top quality machine with highest durability ensures perfect spirals which can be assembled flawlessly & yield problem free heat set spiral fabrics.

Jager Weaving Loom for Stainless Steel/Metal Fabrics


Micro Plasma Seaming for Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

To ensure a technologically advanced endless seam. Each yarn is individually welded to another with utmost precision under microscope.